The difference between good photos and beautiful photos

Good photos tell stories. Average photos are just beautiful

When people say they admire a photo, they are very often just admiring the colours.


A truly good picture does not only show something but it lights up a perceptual space in the head of the observer. It can’t be contained into the two dimensions of a print but it always tries to get out.

It wants to go beyond the two dimensions into the physical space. A good picture can’t be just a nice thing.

Telling a story

The Damm Family in Their Car, Los Angeles, California, USA 1987. Photo by Mary Ellen Mark

There are many points of view, but only one Parr

An epiphany

Un-beauty photos

The observer

A couple at a restaurant

Some photographers know how to tell a story masterfully with just a single image.
When a photo contains thousands more then it tells a story.

Photographic stereotypes

Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer above the sea of fog

Photographing is an attitude, an inclination, an expression of a vision of the world. It is not a magic art borrowed from an instrument. The camera does not make the photographer. The photographer uses the camera as a tool.

Technically it is a photograph. But the technique describes a support and not the art that is supposed to be in it.

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